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Jo Ash


Jo Ash has recently released two EPs eloquently described as her musical non-identical twins! Over the last year or so she has learned how to produce and mix her own music, and over lock down has created two five-track EPs. 'Matinee is like a little trip to the theatre and 'After Dark' is more synth led, with vibes of pop and electronica. Both are linked through Jo's musical journey and songs written over the last few years. This has been quite an experience for Jo, not devoid of stress at times, but worth every minute as it’s been a huge learning curve!

With live performance on hold during the Lock down, the past 18 months have been a highly productive time for Jo. These 10 songs on two Eps both reflect not only her continuing growth and development as both a writer and performer but put a very large stake in the ground which reads “LISTEN TO THE MUSIC”.

Both can be downloaded from various places but as a first step click Alternatively, you can e mail Jo at where both can be ordered.

Jo Ash

after dark


Last Drop of Empty

Dave Sutherland

It has taken over three years but Last Drop of Empty has finally arrived. This is Dave’s fourth album and is a huge step forward in terms of his musical development. His new label is taking a great deal of interest in the future and how Dave is presented to the World. His work with Stacey Parrish and Jack Casady has given a whole new musical landscape, ripe for the Sutherland treatment.

The observational qualities of Dave’s writing, so abundantly demonstrated over his previous albums, has continued and developed unabated. He has a wonderful ability to adopt into character traits of both ancient and modern times.


The opening track Ghosts is equally at home in the modern era as well as the mid-19th century Ireland. Both her dedication and his loss of memory are equal players in a tale of tragedy One True Love is an eternal love song slipping seamlessly into the best of the genre. Ever Changing Skyline is a testament to contemporary London, the moving skyline with the images of modern-day Bermondsey interspersed with the detritus of modern life.

Money Can Do is a cautionary song on the effects of money – both good and not so good.

The reworking of Dave’s most popular and his signature tune From the Vauxhall Tavern to the Deptford Broadway, is a welcome new look at a song that invokes several important parts of South East London. The new version brings a much harder focus on the reality of South London life. Meadow Daisies is a whimsical song of love discovered utilising classic Sutherland rhymes and word play. Damaged is a cry from the heart defining the comparison between a child and an adult and how the damage occurs.


All Of The Things That You Are is a classic love song expressing the reality of making the best of where we are.


Throughout the centuries there have always been those places where unlicensed and unregistered boxing took place. The Yorkshire Grey, a pub in South London, was one of those mythical palaces where fortunes were won in the ring and won and lost with the bookmakers. This song evokes the spirit of Rocky without the glamourous locations of the USA eastern seaboard.


The last and title track Down To The Last Drop of Empty reflects on the hope that inevitably makes living worthwhile. “When you start out in this world you’ve plenty, And when its gone you hope some more will come” is the eternal optimists creed.  And a wonderful way to finish an astonishing album.


Available from Dave’s Website.

Click Here


Live at the Acoustic Club

Dave Denny and friends

Dave Denny has been at it again. He has released yet another album for which all the proceeds go to St Clares' Hospice.

This time he has spent the last 18 months or so capturing live performances at the Acoustic Club from so many players that it is almost a Who's Who of local talent. Bella Chipperfield, The Fog, Jeff Carpenter, Joe Chipperfield Hanako Ward and of course Dave Denny with Jeff Carpenter. All make an exceptional contribution to this unique slice of Stortford Musical History which is available for the princely sum of £5.

Dave has a few in stock and will be happy to swap one of his stock for the aforementioned £5!! Dave said he will drop a few on the desk with Geoff so there are no problems with obtaining a copy







The Musical

In Concert

After its initial sell-out run at The Other Palace studio space, Gretel! The Musical is back with all the hits from the show. An innovative take on a concert showcase; let the story take you away with magical illustration that will bring the forest alive.


Gretel! is a tale of childhood, loyalty, and the power of fantasy to arm us against a dark reality. In a world where your fate is seemingly already written, it’s a reminder that we all have the power to create our own story – for sometimes destiny could use a little help.


The newly imagined artwork is by the fabulous Bella Chipperfield and more is expected

Initially this event was planned for June this year, but due to COVID the date has been moved. As soon as the date is released you will find out here!!


If you want to find out more, read updates, see previews or generally just support, search Facebook and become a Friend. They are lovely people


Thursday’s Band

Chittagong Tattoo

One of my very favourite Bands have just released their 2nd Album Chittagong Tattoo.

A year in the making, this is Thursday’s Band’s second full album - a worthy successor to their previous release ‘All We Have in Common’.


Early reviews of Chittagong Tattoo say it is ‘Beautiful storytelling, singing and playing… transports you to cosy intimate interiors and rugged, vibrant landscapes' and ‘A worthy follow up to the first CD - no small achievement, seeing as their first was so brilliant. It’s a great album and worth the wait…'


You can get hold of Chittagong Tattoo from .


Anna Wells


Anna is an artist we have seen from the very start. From the first nervous steps to the accomplished performer, musician and writer who is destined to move ever onwards and upwards. Circles is an easy-listening, quasi classical-crossover pop album. Some mellow tunes and some definite foot-tappers. Vocal clarity and mixed arrangements featuring mellifluous saxophone hooks, smooth bass lines and tasteful drum grooves. Something here for everyone. The album has a live, acoustic vibe, which venerates the classic singer-songwriter pop genre of the late twentieth-century, combined with a modern, contemporary idiosyncrasy. This album has been in progress since 2017. Ten tracks composed between 2017 up to June 2019.


Peter Crossley

Rags to Riches

An album to uplift - enjoy these folksy, original tunes written and performed by Peter, singer songwriter and fiddle player extraordinaire. Peter Crossley has been performing around Hertfordshire Venues for more than a decade, including appearances at Festivals. He has made it his mission to tell stories of being lost and found, broken and fixed, poor but rich and he does so with poetic skill, passion and compassion.

Peter is warm and engaging – as a singer-songwriter, a performer and as a person, and this heartfelt warmth shines through.






M G Boulter

Blood Moon

M G Boulter is one of our favourite players. Coming from the Thames Coast he brings a new perspective of life, love and all things in between.

Having recorded with many people over the years, his collaborations are a breath of fresh air.

Full details can be found at his website








Just Like You

‘Silver-laced songs, filled with the edge of Americana and the gentle repose of love’ Liverpool Sound & Vision

Featuring three enticing tracks in lovingly designed, vinyl-style CD format – plus eco-friendly packaging! All written, played, recorded and produced by Jools Heyes and Malcolm Heyes, aka Ruby Muse in their cosy Cambridgeshire studio.



CLICK HERE to buy/download

Ruby Muse Facebook Page




Bella Chipperfield

Leave My Mind

One of our favourite artists has just released her debut EP.


Bella says "Excited to announce that the EP is officially HERE! Available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon Music! Give it a listen and let us know what you think!"

Available now on Spotify














Lanes is Elliot’s most recent album which is top full of great tunes.

11 very classy songs that reflect his life, loves and music, an absolute belter of an album.


Available on iTunes



elliotporter website






The brand-new album now. Careless is the third album from Fred's House featuring 11 tracks. Presented in a scrapbook style packaging with lyric booklet.



for information.





Thursday’s Band

All We Have In Common


The songs on this album take you on a journey through the bleak darkness of The Black Ship, the quiet longing of ‘Cold Boston, the understated sharing of emotion in Train to Albionby way of the tongue in cheek humour of Eating Mexican, to the raw feeling of ‘Flyand if Lucindas vocals on ‘Jupiterdont move your soul then you should start looking for it.

 A band that works its magic across its chosen genre, blurring and bending the edges along the way….’ (Folkwords)






ill prehistoric!)