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North Street, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire


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25th August 2021

Returning to the Acoustic Club - Blues Inc.

We have really missed the crafted songs of Blues Inc over the lockdown as they are the go to band for foot stomping music. With Club Co-Founder Drew Bonnington now moved to South West London (Wimbledon in fact - he wombles on the Common occasionally) they do not appear at ad hoc nights these days. Which is our loss. But the remaining band were keen to get together and bring Drew from his Southwest Exile back to the bad lands of Hertfordshire.


And what an all-around great night we witnessed. Not only were Blues Inc on top form, we had a pretty full list of superb players whose contribution cannot be underestimated. Blues Inc are such a polished band who can vary their songs according to the audience and they just played a perfect set. We had the pleasure of Bill Tarran as Host and M/C, Dan Hepburn, Sam Tatchell, Dan Starr, Pete Croft, Jerry Nineacres and Joe Hazell as our supporting players. It was so nice to see Dan and Jerry again after so long away and our newer players. Just honest great support acts.


Many thanks to all our players and especial thanks to Rob on the Sound Desk safely back from his holiday.


11th August 2021


Returning to the Acoustic Club was the original talent that is Terry Hiscock.

Terry is one of those players who just gets better and better, year after year. He has appeared over the years in various guises but his most seminal is him, his voice and his guitar doing what he does best. Singing songs and entertaining his audience with his stories and his reminiscences.


The consummate professional, Terry remains a major draw in any acoustic circle. He writes, sings and sometimes interprets songs in a style that is ever so exactly Terry Hiscock.


Terry was planning to appear with his lifelong friend and playing partner Roger Trevitt. Unfortunately, Roger has been under the weather and it was a great shame to miss him. I am sure we will see him soon and we all wish him a speedy recovery.


We had brilliant support acts in the shape of Bill Tarran, Robin Dudley, Pete Croft, John Drage, Paul Booth, Joe Hazell, Colin Frid and Akos.


Many thanks to all our players and especial thanks to Carl who so ably stood in for Rob on the Sound Desk while he is on holiday.


4th August 2021

Last week we had an opportunity to listen to Charlie Turner

It was delightful to welcome back the incomparable Charlie Turner for a long-awaited Headline Showcase. Charlie has been one of our greatest supporters and her last planned gig was the very first victim of COVID such a long time ago


Charlie has so many musical options but this time she chose to entertain us with her voice, a guitar and her wealth of songs. The truth is that is all she needed to bring. Her songs are so well crafted and her ability to see a different point of view is uncanny. Great tunes and memorable words make her one of the great undiscovered songwriters


Charlie royally entertained us for nearly 45 minutes and had the pack audience singing along in all the right places


Just a wonderful set!!


We had brilliant support acts in the shape of Steve Warner and Phil Sheldrake, Scarlet Thomas supported by Tom Ryder, Tom Ryder supported by Greg Camburn, Joe Hazell, Eleanor Hewins and the incomparable Mike Happenin Boy & Grant Howard


Many thanks to all our players and especial thanks to Carl who so ably stood in for Rob on the Sound Desk while he is on holiday.


28th July 2021



It was so good to see the full 4 piece line up with Mike Johnson, Kris (with a K) Ambrose, Ed Johnson and Cormac O'Prey Two new songs and two favourites from a vast repertoire of classic 70's-80's-90's rock. Jono have spent many years as a local staple band. In almost every setting, they fit in seamlessly. Always well-rehearsed and spot on in execution, it was so good to see them back on the stage in the Long Room. You can always rely on them to raise the temperature and raise the roof

Colin and James Frid

A father and son duo is sometimes a step into an alternative place, but not with Colin and James Frid. Colin has a deserved reputation for having a full voice and is normally accompanied by the full sound of a D35 Martin. James has been playing in rock covers bands, originals bands and all sorts of bands and he has developed his own distinctive style. Put the two together and you might get Steeleye Span on drugs, but what we actually got was a professional set of rock and roll classics including one made famous by King Elvis. As unexpected a song choice as it was brilliant in execution.


Peter Crossley

An outstanding musician singer and songwriter in the best traditions of live music. He has so many strings to his bow (good pun as he is a stunning violinist) playing in a Jug Band as well as accompanying people so well. Peter delighted us with selection of songs that have surfaced over lock down including a two-chord cover - The Faces "Wish I knew what I know now (when I was younger) and 3 songs from the Crossley past. With his new guitar, his bright guitar playing comes to the front and centre an is the perfect foil to his voice


Neil Gowans

A local player who spends a great time with his band The Winos. Neil proves that rock and roll can easily be given an acoustic twist. Versatile and a pretty good songwriter too! A first-time visitor and welcome back any time.

Vic Lennard

Vic's reputation as a great accompanying guitarist precedes him. We have seen him supporting high profile players but as a solo player he comes to the fore. His songs were great, but the cap on the evening was his version of the classic John Martyn's "May you never" Brilliant!

Geoff Carnes

Geoff treated us to a unique way of looking at things and his view is reflected in the songs he played. He is a real troubadour of the old school being part of a tradition of observational songs which were just spot on


21st July 2021


Headline Showcase Elliot Porter accompanied by Dave OíNeil on bass

Elliot and Dave gave us a full spot of Eliís original songs. A fantastic close to our first evening back after 16 long months


Tom Ryder and Greg Camburn

Tom is one of our long-standing players and last week gave a call to Greg Camburn and asked him to put some penny whistle into his set. Greg, who has not been too well recently, was happy to oblige and the rest is History. Whilst it was great to see Tom again, everyone agreed it was delightful to see Greg back where he belongs on stage and playing such great music

Pat Crilly and Paul Hilder

We are used to seeing Pat and Paul perform over the last few years and Paul adds such assured lead guitar to Patís songs and tunes. They make a unique duo with what can only be described as eclectic repertoire. Also, with Pat heavy schedule as a promoter in Hertford we were very luck to see him on a Wednesday. Smashing set but only what we have come to expect


Joe Hazel

What can you say about Joe that has not already been said? Touring musician, session guitarist in great demand and music teacher as well. His band Curse of Lono has not disappeared and is planning to release their new album in November. Something else to look forward to. His set was as varied and just plain brilliant as ever



Colin Frid

Colin who? Colin Frid that is who. He sings, plays guitar and writes songs. That does not say it all. Any song he sings has his stamp on it whether he wrote it or not. A vast repertoire of interesting, amusing and emblems of his youth. A fantastic set Ė as ever!

Daisy Wilcox

When a very quiet an unassuming young lady sits to sing and play if only out of politeness you sit and listen. When she finished the first of her self-penned songs you realise, she has some talent. At the end of her second song, you realise she has lots and lots of talent. A fantastic set! A refreshing new talent that we hope will grace the Acoustic Club stage again