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8th December

Thursday’s Band



Thursday’s Band are one of the UK’s most intriguing acoustic bands – consisting of a unique combination of guitars and strings brought to life by intelligent original song writing


Coming from an eclectic background that includes folk, country, blues, cajun and orchestral music, the band includes Mark Gamon (guitar, vocals and songs); Matt Kelly (fiddle, viola, mandolin, vocals and songs); Dave Cammish (bass) and Rhys Wilson (guitar and vocals).


Their songs are new and in keeping with their overarching ethos, originalinality. They combine so well and as they have been performing together over the years, they play with an intuitive combination that is so delightful. Their set was a combination of four players at the top of their game and brought a deal of delight from the audience.


The current line-up is relatively new, Thursdays Band has always been a moving feast, always building, developing and learning and looking forward to the next opportunity to see them again.


Thursday’s Band have released two full albums, and they are available from and



24th November

6 Acts - 4 songs



Mark Gamon

Mark is one of those players who seems to pop up everywhere - with good cause. He is a talented song writer, plays a pretty mean guitar, a fine singer and a born collaborator. Rather than as part of either of his Bands it was just Mark, his guitar and his songs we were delighted to welcome him back and the set was a rare delight.

Terry Hiscock

How do you start to explain the wealth of talent that is Terry? The principal singer and songwriter with 70's Electro-Folk-Rock band Hunter Muskett now enjoying a well deserved revival, Terry is a sought after solo performer in his own right. His performance was typical Terry; thoughtful, insightful and delivered in a style that is his own. His observations on life, history and music were as ever treat.





Linda Moylan

Linda made her first appearance at the Acoustic Club on the recommendation of Ian and Del of Crayon Angels, both of whom provided backing music and vocals.


Off the Record music blog stated "Linda is an amazing vocalist with a great command of her range. If you haven’t heard Linda before, then fix that mistake now.” We got that opportunity last week and we are converts. A debut of note and thanks Linda for performing


Tom Ryder

Tom wears so many hats at times it is difficult to remember that despite his musical associations (of which there are many) he remains a stand out singer and songwriter. Last time he combined with Greg Camburn on a couple of his songs, he again proves that there is no substitute for class, of which he blessed with so much. We are already looking forward to the next time when he teams up with Greg and long time collaborator and friend Joe Hazell at the Christmas Concert.


Geoff Carne

Geoff treats every audience to his unique way of looking at things and his view is reflected in the songs he plays. He is a real troubadour of the old school being part of a tradition of observational songs which are just spot on. It was a pleasure to welcome him back to Stortford and the Long Room where he gave us some highly original and enchanting songs. Geoff relies on his ability as a songwriter and player to take you to the reality of his songs. Just a damn fine set!!


Cider at Yours.

What can be said about this very local duo that has not been said before? They are one of the finest purveyors of Musical Magnificence that can be found (well certainly in Hertfordshire). Richard and Becky produced a unique sound which it turns out was the first gig for ages and ages. Their music is personal, sometimes amusing but always compelling and it was great to welcome them back to the Acoustic Club.





10th November

Jo Ash

Last time we welcomed back to the Long Room the individual talent that is Jo Ash. Jo was supported by her long-time collaborator, writing partner and guitarist Mike Wheatley.

During lock down Jo has expanded not only her musical horizons but also, in some part her musicality. She has developed her talent in producing music to such a level that she is able to record and produce her music. There is nothing as worthwhile as self-producing music. There are no compromises and the music sounds exactly as the artist envisages it when writing and performing.


Jo's latest EPs are reviewed on the Acoustic Club website, but they are very much worth listening to. Her unique style and performance were, as ever, a mastery of music that is so emphatically Jo Ash.


Many thanks to Jo and Mike for a Headline Showcase that was a treat for everyone.


Support was provided by

Bill Tarran

Pete Croft

Chris Rivett

Greg Camburn

The Maystone

Joe Clack