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Last time we welcomed back to the Long Room the award winning Country Rock American Duo Tennessee Twin. Well, that is one very apt description but I would prefer a grown-up duo who play some really great songs, almost all of which they write and deliver in a style that is immediately enthralling and enjoyable. It is a great talent to have and Victoria and Geoff exude it in abundance. Their whole performance is professional and is so accessible to audiences of every age.  For a second time they were the Headline Act at our regular Young Players nights and they had the rapt attention of not only the adult audience but the young players as well.


They bring their own standard and skill to every performance and this time was no different. A full set that just flashed past in the wink of an eye. Many thanks to Victoria and Geoff for a wonderful set and we are looking forward to the next time


As it was Half Term Week, we were delighted to welcome our young players. With many of our regular young players moved onwards and upwards - it’s amazing how quickly they grow up and move onto university - we had the pleasure of meeting a new crop of players.


Just so you know them for the future, when you can say in 5-10 years, I saw them at the Moon before they were famous!!



Our young players are from top left

SOFIA GATLAND accompanied by Hanako Ward, a great bass player who gave us two distinctive tunes with her friend Hanako;


INDIA PURTON accompanied by Stuart Purton, such a stylish singer with stunning a vocal range;


ELEANOR HEWINS, a singer/songwriter who writes songs of such maturity and elegance that belies her tender years;


HANAKO WARD accompanied by Geoff Carpenter, our longest serving young player who performed an acoustic version of Layla that will cause Eric Clapton concerns for his position as the GOAT guitarist;


ARCHIE EASTLAKE accompanied by Geoff Carpenter, who plays a Gibson SG guitar which is almost as long as he is tall with such verve and style rarely seen in such a young player.


Congratulations to all our players. What talent, what ability!!! Which prompted Geoff from Tennessee Twin to remark that live music in Stortford is safe for the future in their hands.


We all heartily agree



6 Acts x 4 Songs





Not a great deal can be said about these two fantastic musicians that has not been said already. Guitar, Banjo, Strange 8 string instruments, Penny Whistles, Saxophone, songs and seriously good music. They are the watchword for professional music.




Cambridge singer-songwriter Mark Shepherd plays his original brand of thought-provoking Acoustic rock/Americana at festivals and venues across the UK and USA. His strong, distinctive vocal is complimented by powerful and melodic acoustic guitar and his songs often explore the darker side of life and the world in general. Mark and his music are sure to stay with you long after you finish listening.




In the life of the mundane and every day we have the occasional spark of absolute originality. Paterson are just that.

A versatile, original and with a performance worthy of being listened to. They are unpredictable and will both surprise and delight you. You have been warned.




Paul is a singer songwriter who crafts his songs such they are identifiable has his. He has appeared in many guises and line ups. His latest with bassist Si Lee is one of the best.




Peter is a multi-talented musician and music teacher. A terrific finger style guitarist but is also a master violinist playing in a number of guises.

A great songwriter and wonderful singer are so evident on his debut album, which is reviewed on this website. Just brilliant!




Tranquillity Beach, a new Stortford based roots-rock band. Starting their musical journey is always a great big step so with recently recorded songs on sound cloud things are looking up for this new duo



6th October 2021



As an artist there are few who are able to hold a candle in terms of stage presence, ability, virtuosity and down right listen ability to Sheri Kershaw. Add to Sheri her guitarist Martin and bassist John then you are assured of a first class evening of principally acoustic music, but co loured in with a refreshing bass line and magical electric lead guitar.


We also had a full list of supporting artists:- Bill Tarran - Host and MC, Pete Croft, Tranquility Beach, Paul Booth, Laura Dannan, Colin Frid and Dan Starr.


It was a shame that we had a fairly sparse crowd, but you cannot have everything. Thanks to those who came and enjoyed with us a full evening of great music.



22nd September 2021




Anna is an artist we have seen progress from her first nervous steps a few years ago to the accomplished performer she is today. Her first Album is Circles, an easy-listening, quasi classical-crossover pop album. Some mellow tunes and some definite foot-tappers. Vocal clarity and mixed arrangements featuring mellifluous saxophone hooks, smooth bass lines and tasteful drum grooves. Something here for everyone.

Anna proved she has so much more confidence, not only as a performer but in herself. She sells her music with style and aplomb. She really loves a medley and her talent allows her to move between classics and other favourite songs, with barely a shift but before very long you are tapping your foot along with the newer beat.

Truly fantastical set of new songs, old songs and medleys to lift the heart.

We also had a full list of supporting artists:- Bill Tarran - Host and MC, Pete Croft, Jay Williams, Eleanor Hewins, The Maystones, Joe Hazell and Troi


15th September 2021

Dave Sutherland

Last week Dave Sutherland returned for a special concert showcasing songs from his new album 'Last Drop of Empty.'


There is a huge amount that has been said, not only about the history of this Dave's 4th studio album, but also the chronology of how long it has taken. Recorded in LA, Sweden, Jersey and London, ‘Last Drop of Empty’ is produced by the Grammy award winning Producer, Stacy Parrish and legendary Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna bass player, Jack Casady. Jack also plays bass on the album.


Dave's long anticipated return to Stortford was a real coup for many reasons. Firstly, because Dave is happy to come back to his friends at the Acoustic Club to make his new Album available but also because our venue encourages the audience to listen. The new album was been delayed by the obvious effects of Covid but having a planned 80-minute set gave time for the explanation of how each track came about. Dave is such an accomplished writer and performer that the evening flew by in a blink of an eye. No sooner had he started it was time for the last song and the inevitable sale of CD's. The performance was remarkable in that Dave used his 12 string for the first time in ages and this really enhanced two of his tracks.


Many thanks to Dave for such a terrific performance and for Pat Crilly and Greg Camburn for their contribution to the evening. It was so good to see them together again.


8th SEPTEMBER 2021

6 Acts 4 songs


Steve Ingrey

There are Bluesmen and then there is Steve Ingrey. A classic Bluesman with an encyclopaedic repertoire of blues from its foundation to the present day. A Terrific set ranging from the 1920’s to the 1980’s


Paul Booth with Si Lee

Paul Booth accompanied by Si Lee on bass was a lesson in well thought out and personal songs

Jenny Salmon

Jenny is part of the prolific writing duo of Salmondwhite. A singer songwriter from Hertford with a bubbly personality and a voice to match! What a vocal range and what great self penned songs.



Syn was a bit of a mystery in truth before she arrived and not often do we have players singing R&B but my oh my! What a fantastic vocal performance! Such clarity and such tone. Just brilliant!!


Cut the Mustard

Dave and Martin are regular player on the local live music scene and are members of so many groups and duos it is difficult to keep tabs on them both. They are very accomplished players and combined to produce a varied sound including blues, folk and pure acoustic with a “Cut the Mustard” twist.

The Maystones

The Maystones are a local band more used to playing heavy metal and loud music but are expanding into acoustic music. Their set was as essentially 2/5ths of a rock band and they gave us a welcome mixture of self penned and covers. A great set.