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North Street, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire


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15th September 2021


Last week Dave Sutherland returned for a special concert showcasing songs from his new album 'Last Drop of Empty.'


There is a huge amount that has been said, not only about the history of this Dave's 4th studio album, but also the chronology of how long it has taken. Recorded in LA, Sweden, Jersey and London, ‘Last Drop of Empty’ is produced by the Grammy award winning Producer, Stacy Parrish and legendary Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna bass player, Jack Casady. Jack also plays bass on the album.


Dave's long anticipated return to Stortford was a real coup for many reasons. Firstly, because Dave is happy to come back to his friends at the Acoustic Club to make his new Album available but also because our venue encourages the audience to listen. The new album was been delayed by the obvious effects of Covid but having a planned 80-minute set gave time for the explanation of how each track came about. Dave is such an accomplished writer and performer that the evening flew by in a blink of an eye. No sooner had he started it was time for the last song and the inevitable sale of CD's. The performance was remarkable in that Dave used his 12 string for the first time in ages and this really enhanced two of his tracks.


Many thanks to Dave for such a terrific performance and for Pat Crilly and Greg Camburn for their contribution to the evening. It was so good to see them together again.