The Horn at The Half Moon

North Street, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire


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Sound and Stage Set Up


Sound: Sound is provided on the stage via a Carlsboro Eclipse 12 Channel mixer, with Fender fold back – all mics, di’s and leads are provided and are to the best industry standard.



Recording: This can be available to all performers is the opportunity to have their set recorded “through the desk” directly onto CD Please speak to the Sound Engineer on the night




We are so lucky to have three great sound engineers Rob Daniels, Love Hobbs and Dave Phipps who make all the players sound brilliant. Please remember that if you ever need to hire a PA, require some engineering support or need a demo recording of some of your material please feel free to contact Rob Daniels (07842 295622) or David Phipps (07772 191977) and discuss your requirements. They will be able to help you sound as great as you would like to be!!