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6 Acts – 4 Songs


After a brilliant Tennessee Twin headline showcase last time we are delighted to welcome 6 Acts each performing 4 songs.


When I was a child, the Spacehopper was an unpredictable toy that required no effort in having fun. Chris and Richard are exactly the same. Musical brilliance is never far away when Rivvo launches into one of his favourite songs accompanied by Richard. This duo seem to ration their performance so it is a real pleasure to welcome them this evening

Sheri Kershaw Band

There are few players who have a musical history that can match Sheri Kershaw. She has performed at the very highest of levels and is at the top of the tree because of a very simple fact. She and her band are incredible performers.

It is great to welcome Sheri and the Band back because she has been suffering with a very painful arm problem, so it is a real treat to be able to hear her band again.

Paul Booth + Si + Verna

This trio has been around for about a year and we are delighted to have hosted their first performance. Suffice to say they are always welcome back to the stage as the combination of their individual talents produces a much greater sum of the parts. The musical combination of bass and guitar coupled with the excellence of their vocals means they have a widening and growing fan base and following.

Rhys Wilson

Rhys is always a welcome visitor to the Acoustic Club. A well established Master songwriter and the best purveyor of “Dad” jokes imaginable. His songs and his recorded repertoire are a legend around Cambridgeshire and his reputation is moving inexorably outwards. He is part of widely acclaimed bands and combinations, but he still holds an important place as a solo performer.

Sandy Mclelland

Sandy has spent a lifetime honing his songs, tunes and performance which pays respect to the American country, blues, folk and soul music he absorbed in his early days in Glasgow.He has worked everywhere in all sorts of genres. Pop, rock, film music, symphony orchestras which whilst being rewarding and stimulating, only the music left a lasting impression.

Mike Johnson

We are more used to Mike appearing as the front man with his band JONO, but he is also a highly talented solo performer. He plays somewhat more diverse repertoire when performing solo. His preparation and performance are legendary. He always has an interesting and individual take on the songs he performs. Looking forward to this performance enormously

Doors open at 7.30 and music starts at 8.00 pm. We should be finished by just after 10.00pm

The cost is just £7 on the door or tickets can be booked in advance by clicking this link Acoustic Club in the Live Lounge

Please come along to support your community club and enjoy some excellent music as we strive to KEEP MUSIC LIVE.